We would like to communicate the work we have done in the last years on the subject of risk and perceived risk relating to the services that we offer.

We have split the subject of risk as we see it into 3 subsections, they are:

  • Consultants or candidate compliancy Risk
  • Service Risk
  • General Consultant risk

Consultant or candidate compliancy Risk

The compliancy issue is surely a complex and difficult issue to deal with especially regarding Social security. Within this document I will give you a brief overview on both our thoughts and approach to the way we deal with this type of risk.

Our view is that the issues revolving around social security (Scheinselbstandigkeit, freelancer or not a freelancer) cannot be dealt with by one party. Compliancy in this area can only be achieved by working together. The basis of this risk reduction is an understanding of the relationship between the supplier, end client and freelancer and what impact this has during and after completion of the project.

Kommlink in 2008 audited itself after encountering issues relating to Social security and during this time Kommlink developed a strategy and a system to mitigate the risk to both the end client, the consultant completing the project and ourselves. During this time Kommlink GmbH  didn’t lose a single project with no contracts ending due to this issue.

We believe it is very difficult to understand the issues involved unless you have actually experienced them and I must add there are very few law firms that have this experience within the IT area.

The 2nd point of compliancy for a individual consultant is tax. We have done an analysis on this issue and although Kommlink had no problems arise regarding this subject we have still offered to put in place a few with our clients simple measures or what we call systems to completely mitigate the risk of either the client or ourselves having to pay unpaid freelancer tax.

We would be happy to share our thoughts and ideas in a formal meeting.

Service Risk

To Kommlink service risk is referring to both the consistent nature of service given by the supplier as well as the level of the offered service.

We have covered these issues by training 3 people for every position in order to ensure continuity and regarding the level of service this is what our systems are all about repeating the same things again and again and again so that the client always receives the level of service that they expect from Kommlink.

By using a structured approach Kommlink can focus on continually trying to improve our system and therefore our service minimizing the risk of a interrupted or inconsistent service.

General Consultant risk

We don’t change the CV other than to insert a header and footer

We don’t send or consider candidates who for example have too many short projects (we could quickly show them the CV assessment tool)

2 references requested from candidates who are not known to Kommlink

We assess this risk to be about not contracting the correct resources and what cost the means to the client in terms of the sucess of the project, the cost of delay and the risk that creates for the client.