Management services

Management services

For large companies we can offer to manage and optimize their existing supply chain for consulting services by offering a local or web-based solution that supports and streamlines the clients existing systems.

We will use the eminent scalability of the model  together with Kommlink‘s  solid track record as a competent compliant supplier to  the German market. Which to a client means delivery as per  their business requirements together with minimised risk and huge cost savings.

We can build a bespoke solution for you and offer a unique opportunity you to share in the profitability of the solution, effectively reducing the cost of the service making it the most cost effective solution in the market  

As already mentioned we have implemented a very structured system based environment where people can express themselves but also a place where everybody knows their responsibilities.

It is in that context that we believe a managed supplier solution is process or system driven where we integrate our systems with that of our clients to create a seamless efficient solution that can benefit the client in terms both cost and time as well as making significant improvement to the overall delivery allowing the client to focus on there core areas.

Our managed service offering could include:

  • Bespoke development based around your needs
  • Optimsation of “Best practice” model
  • Onboarding process
  • Staged implementation of solution with key stakeholders
  • Secondary supplier list creation and renegotiation