Permanent Sourcing

Permanent Sourcing

We can help you attract and recruit the best skills in the market and because of the operational investment we have already made, you can do so more quickly and have a better choice of applicants.

Our fees are highly competitive, and we offer a 6 month placement guarantee as standard.

Dependent on the complexity and urgency of your requirement we can assist by providing the following recruitment services:

  • Contingency / Database
  • Lite Search
  • Executive Search

Kommlink are a team of expert recruiters with an outstanding pedigree, who combine state of the art resourcing techniques with a traditional best practice approach, backed up by our dedicated international research centre.

The markets in which we operate are already highly competitive with niche skills in relatively short supply, recruitment difficulties will be exacerbated as these sectors grow.

This makes finding the best candidates via a traditional job board approach difficult and expensive for most recruiters.

Kommlink utilises state of the art web based resourcing techniques to ensure the highest chances of identifying and recruiting the best candidates available.

Kommlink has fundamental expertise in effective web searching techniques, including utilising Boolean logic search strings,  meta search engines (web aggregators), plus highly refined techniques to power search cvs, individuals and  directories, forums and social networking media.

This allows extensive but very specific searches for both active and passive job applicants and goes way beyond the normal approach of advertising on and searching job boards.

A senior consultant will lead your assignment every step of the way from start to finish, and they will be heavily supported by a team of researchers from our research centre, all working on your behalf.

The sourcing techniques we use ensure that you recruit from the widest possible pool of talent, and the rigor of our selection interviewing means that every candidate we send you is an outstanding match.

Regardless of the approach or sourcing strategy you agree with your consultant, we guarantee you the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Kommlink operates a dedicated nearshore resourcing centre in Sofia, Bulgaria, staffed by high caliber bi-lingual researchers, extensively trained in state of the art candidate sourcing techniques.

The research team works closely with your consultant to find the perfect candidate for your assignment.

The centre in Sofia is ultra efficient and allows a huge amount of research work to be conducted at a significantly lower cost than an equivalent operation in the UK or Germany.

This means we can work harder and longer on your behalf, increasing the probability of finding relevant applicants quickly from a wider pool of talent, maximising your opportunity to make the perfect hire.

Advertising on job boards can be hit and miss, expensive and time consuming, yet the web represents the most effective channel to huge pools of international talent.

Kommlink utilises state of the art web based resourcing techniques alongside traditional best practices to ensure the highest chances of identifying and recruiting the best candidates available.

Effective sourcing is a mixture of art and science, and most niche roles require the deployment of proactive deep web data mining techniques.

All candidates put forward for a position are comprehensively assessed by the lead consultant who validates their skills, experience and level of interest in the role, using structured interviewing techniques.

As standard we conduct a chronological CV assessment and use evidence based questions, these are integrated with any bespoke competency based and technical questions agreed in advance with the client.

The short-list we submit will include a summary of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each applicant

This methodology ensures that candidates are well matched and no one wastes time.