Our philosophy at Kommlink is based around supplying a transparent, compliant and delivery based service to both the candidates and project consultants we find and to the end clients where delivery is achieved..

Kommlink Consultancy Services

Kommlink can supply project services to projects both large and small. We are focused on the IT, telecom and energy areas supplying skilled consultants such as testing Consultants, business analysts, SAP consultants, developers, administrators and project managers. We aim to offer a fast and efficient service, giving local support to clients and to the individuals that we supply.

To clients we offer one point of contact for all issues, i.e. contracts, invoicing and personal issues and also local points of contact in Germany and the United Kingdom.

A summary of our service to our clients include:

  • Local presence in Germany and United Kingdom.
  • One point of contact for all issues surrounding contracts, invoicing and personal issues.
  • Our specialist account managers will assist with all your IT resourcing needs, no matter what the requirement, how niche the skill set or how large or small the project.
  • We will take care of all Consultant related issues, ensuring they are completely focused on your project and compliant with regards to tax and social security for the market where they are completing the project.

By leveraging our Bulgarian resource centre which opened in 2009 we can offer both an increased service at a decreased cost to our clients.

Of course by far the main cost of the delivery of a project consultant is not our margin but the 80 or 90% which the freelancer takes and on this point Kommlink has systemized our approach to negotiation in order to achieve the best price for our clients. Using this approach we have consistently achieved lower overall cost.


To summarize, through a systemized approach Kommlink can deliver a “service offering” consisting of:

  1. Delivery: The proven ability to find and contract correct and qualified projects consultants
  2. Price: The proven ability to provide resources at the best possible price
  3. Flexibility: The ability to offer flexibility with regards to which software tool is used
  4. Cost saving: Giving the client the ability to save on overall cost
  5. Mitigated Risk: The mitigation of risk for  tax and social costs issues and consultant performance

Regarding compliancy we would gladly answer any questions and share our knowledge on how to mitigate the risks of unpaid freelancer tax and social security during a meeting where I also fully explain our new products together with examples of our systems showing how we achieve consistent results.