Our philosophy at Kommlink is based around supplying a transparent, compliant and delivery based service to both the candidates and project consultants we find and to the end clients where delivery is achieved..

Kommlink Testing Services

Outsourced Testing

  • On-site testing, worldwide.  The majority of our staff and our network of independent consultants are EU citizens, minimising the visa and travel issues in many countries.
  • Near-shoring of your testing.  Bulgaria is an ideal location for near-shoring all or part of your testing function.  Bulgaria is a member of the EU and is well situated for easy travel to Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Living costs and average salaries are significantly below those of Western Europe.  Bulgaria has a well trained, highly skilled and motivated IT workforce.
  • Remote connectivity or outsourced facilities.  The simplest way to outsource your testing is for us to test your systems via VPN or other means of remote connection that meets your security requirements.  However, if you would prefer to outsource the maintenance and support of your testing environments and relocate the hardware and applications to Bulgaria then we can arrange this.
  • Flexibility, skills & expertise.  By collaborating with a network of experienced consultants, we can supplement our teams of permanent staff with experts to meet your needs.  You may also relocate your existing staff or external consultants to work alongside us.

Core Competencies

  • Testing (Strategy, Planning, System Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing);
  • Integration and Deployment Consultancy;
  • Test design and incident tracking using Quality Centre and Rational suites;
  • Testing of web-based, client/server, mainframe and PC software;
  • Project management & team leading;
  • Business analysis and design;
  • Data migration, mapping & modelling;


  • CRM (Siebel, Peoplesoft) & Billing (Wizard, Geneva/IRB, Kenan) configuration & testing;
  • Settlement and Collections testing (CACS, SAP RM-CA, Geneva/IRB);
  • Number Inventory & Network Provisioning (Instantlink, Tertio) configuration & testing;
  • Frontend and backend applications systems - Tibco, Navision, Tytan Dealer Management System, Tertio, SAP, E-Voucher, Oracle Application, Customer Portal and Online shop.
  • SQL programming (Oracle, Oracle Rdb, Interbase, MS-Access). 
  • Linux, Unix, NT, MS Office;
  • Oracle, XML, Java, HTML/DHTML;
  • Photoshop, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX