Frontend Developer

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Frontend Developer – Cologne – HRS

This was a client project that required 2 people and this was a good example of Kommlink’s overall service offering which highlighted our competitiveness on price, our speed of reaction and the efficiency of our selection process.

The client had problems finding suppliers who could offer prices within budget, but after negotiating with Kommlink and agreeing a fixed margin model no matter what the charge rate was an instant trust was formed which allowed both parties to focus on finding the best consultants.

Over a short period of time Kommlink contacted 100 consultants and sent to the client only 2 possible available matches and the client selected both for their project and in turn Kommlink contracted them thus saving the client a large amount of time as they didn’t need to go through a long selection process.

Both candidates stayed on the project until completion for over 16 months therefore Kommlink classes this as a definite success story.